The corporate training and business consultancy arm of SHINGDA Group of Companies; a BCA Approved Training and Testing Centre (ATTC) in 2011.

An all-inclusive learning provider, curating over 150 management, soft skills and BCA approved trade-related courses for organizations with different training needs, ranging from cyber security, analytics, innovation and creativity, digital marketing to negotiation skills etc.

Successfully delivered training for more than 1,000 client companies and trained over 10,000 candidates as Singapore’s largest ATTC training centre for Structural Steel Works with 78 test bays.

An exceptional team of management experts, coaches and facilitators who have calibrated and delivered high-quality training and business consultancy solutions for MNCs, SMEs, government linked companies and the public sector.

Trainers/ Facilitators were specially handpicked based on their solid theoretical foundations, engaging learning methodologies and proven training track records.

SHINGDA Academy’s services are designed to equip aspiring learners with the essential tools of their profession and industry.

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