About Us

Today, we are one of the leading pioneers contributing to Singapore’s water success story — and SHINGDA grew with Singapore’s water success. From our Founder’s earlier years in the country’s 2nd National Tap — importing of water from Johor, Malaysia to Singapore’s 3rd National Tap, NEWater Infrastructure Pipeline — SHINGDA Construction has been a key service provider for Singapore’s water story. Over the years, our engineering expertise has grown to cater to the changing demands of a highly urbanised metropolitan city.

In 2009, cementing on our legacy in utilities infrastructure engineering, our founder, with his vision, expanded to form SHINGDA Group of Companies to continue meeting the needs of our present and future customers.

Our Vision

To build on our legacy in utilities infrastructure engineering and grow to create a successful SHINGDA Group of Companies.

The SHINGDA promise is to promote and invest in people — developing skills, being responsible to safety and quality, and emphasising on our commitment to grow.

Our Values

SHINGDA Group embrace these values of our founders and our pioneers:


In delivering a reliable conduct of our business, we always ensure that our focus is on the needs of our customers.


Our continued progress and growth stands as a testament to our sincerity, humility, and always persevering attitude.


SHINGDA builds upon our culture of trust with teamwork, communication and collaborative growth.



“S” logomark is shaped like a pipe, with depth and moving upward representing our deep knowledge and forward thinking. It also represents our company name SHINGDA 昇達 which means rise and achieve.

Strong & Humble

A balanced placement of the bold & symbolic rising “S” on a firmly rooted square background signifies strength and growth in a humble and respectful manner.


Sunshine Yellow is the color of optimism, radiance, positivity, energy, clarity, enlightenment, intellect, loyalty, and joy.

Our Milestones

SHINGDA Construction Pte Ltd was established as a pipe-laying sub-contractor firm.
Very first office in Lorong Asrama
Our pioneer project - Laying of a 3.3km long, 1900mm diameter water transmission mains along the Singapore Pipeline Reserve.
Our first factory in Kranji
Our first span of Pipejacking
2004 - 2006
ISO 9001:2000 / Singapore Quality Class / Singapore Innovation Class, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 18001:1999
Established and expanded our construction machinery and transportation trucks to form SHINGDA Equipment Leasing Pte Ltd, now SHINGDA Leasing
2008 - 2011
Laid Singapore 3rd National Tap: NEWater Infrastructure Pipeline
bizSAFE Level Star; Singapore Quality Class and Innovation Class Renewal
Established SHINGDA Building at 10 Kranji Crescent Singapore 728660
Singapore Quality Class Star; Singapore Innovation Class Renewal; and bizSAFE Level Star Renewal
Appointed as BCA Accredited Training and Testing Centre for construction trades and established as largest centre for our category of trade
bizSAFE Level Star Renewal
Singapore Quality Class Star, Singapore Innovation Class Renewal
SHINGDA Group Rebranding Launch
Attained BizSAFE Partner Accreditation
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